The Jadesin Journals young adult fantasy series will consist of at least eight novels and novellas. Each of our books will be in a different character’s voice to continue the story in the realm of Espereva.

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ABOUT: Sixteen-year-old high school track star, Ember, wants to run as far and as fast as she can, away from the pain of her father’s recent death. Instead, she’s hiding out in the basement of her dad’s coffee shop—at least now no one can ask her how she’s doing for the millionth time. She finds a doorway to Espereva, a magical world from her childhood bedtime story. There, she unlocks a power that has lain dormant in her blood for years. Unfortunately, the more she learns about the world, the darker it becomes. The king captures and conducts gruesome experiments on the inhabitants in order to steal their powers. Espereva is being torn apart and her family is at the root of it all. Horrified at the atrocities but driven for the need to understand who and what she is, Ember joins and trains with a group of rebels plotting the king’s downfall. Still struggling with her grief and the secret her family has kept from her for years, Ember can barely control her new found abilities. But when one of her rebel friends is kidnapped and destined to be the king’s next victim, Ember must embrace all that she is and set aside her personal struggles to rescue her friend—because losing someone else is not an option.

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