It’s Live! A MAVEN’S KEY Cover Reveal + eBook sale

We have been working hard all spring and summer on writing the second book in The Jadesin Journals series, A MAVEN’S KEY. Despite a pandemic, closures, face mask policies, and the next normal of our working lives, we have been able to keep creative juices flowing and continue the story of Espereva, the world youContinue reading “It’s Live! A MAVEN’S KEY Cover Reveal + eBook sale”

How to support self-published authors

Self-publishing is legit a lot of work. Not only do these authors write and revise the stories, but often times, they edit, research marketing, implement design, and self-promote. We’re fortunate to have each other as co-authors for this process, but we also each have full-time jobs, so our time gets limited and pressed. Self-published authorsContinue reading “How to support self-published authors”