How to support self-published authors

Self-publishing is legit a lot of work. Not only do these authors write and revise the stories, but often times, they edit, research marketing, implement design, and self-promote. We’re fortunate to have each other as co-authors for this process, but we also each have full-time jobs, so our time gets limited and pressed.

Self-published authors are also called indie authors.

The choice to self-publish depends upon the author(s). It definitely does not mean that the story isn’t good enough for traditional publishing. It also does not mean that the books aren’t available through bookstores. Self-publishing gives the author(s) FULL control of the entire process from start to finish. The choice to self-publish needs to be celebrated and supported for authors pour a lot of time and passion into their stories that they hope to share with their readers.

Since you’re reading this, we hope that you will consider supporting indie authors.

  1. Remember to always write a review for reading books.
  2. Buy from independent bookstores. You can find them on IndieBound.
  3. Find more indie authors on Goodreads.
  4. Request the book in your local library, so others can read it too.
  5. Tell a friend about the indie author books you’ve read. Nothing is more powerful than word of mouth.

Published by Jacy Sellers

Hello! I'm an author of mysteries, thrillers, and fantasy and president of the Charlotte chapter of Sisters in Crime. Local ghost stories and abandoned buildings fuel my story inspiration. Follow me on Twitter or Insta @JacySellers

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