Reviews and Book 2 Title Announcement!

Thank you so much for supporting our story about Ember and her journey to discover her family’s roots in Espereva. We’re working furiously on the second book of the series, The Jadesin Journals, and we plan to have it available this summer.

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Reviews are very important to authors. (At least good reviews, wink, wink!) We recently learned that if Amazon has 50 or more reviews, their algorithms will help market our book to a wider audience. As of publication of this blog, we’re at 27 reviews. So, if you haven’t added your review, please help us out!

Book 2 Title!

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for!

In Book 2, we continue the journey with Marn, a 20-year-old rescuer who’s a Maven from the Jadesin Guild and Nykolia’s adopted son. He’s unable to identify a pattern at a Kobaloi holding site called Mervyn Manor and more Affinities are getting captured. This is until Marn discovers clues while he is tending to Wren during her healing process. But are these tips enough for them to take over Mervyn Manor and get them one step closer to dethroning the King of Brivalon?

We’re excited to announce that the title of Book 2 of The Jadesin Journals will be:

The cover design is currently in development and we look forward to the reveal in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!. Keep reading and keep reviewing and keep sharing!

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