Fantasy Author Duo Releases Book 3 of The Jadesin Journals, “Winter’s Wave”

Fantasy author duo, Nicole and Jacy, released book 3 of The Jadesin Journals today, entitled “Winter’s Wave” which continues the story in Wren’s voice. Read below the gorgeous cover – illustrated by Serena Martin and designed by Melissa McCawley – to learn more.

“Winter’s Wave”

Pressure builds when abilities are lost.

As the Jadesin Guild settles into their permanent location, members take on newly assigned roles, including Wren, who is Talon’s new apprentice. After a fire destroys the communications command center, Talon tasks Wren to collect supplies from Dolauret, where it’s winter almost year-round.

Insecurity fills her when another traveling guild joins Jadesin in Yuvali. Wren finds herself fighting her self-doubt as Alistair’s growing popularity divides his attention. His guild job has him spending more time with a new girl and making Wren feel less important.

During class, Wren loses connection to her Water Trait and is rushed to the medical team. It also fizzles on her travels multiple times. Doubt and fear fills her as she suspects her Trait has been damaged or worse, lost for good.

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Published by Jacy Sellers

Hello! I'm an author of mysteries, thrillers, and fantasy and president of the Charlotte chapter of Sisters in Crime. Local ghost stories and abandoned buildings fuel my story inspiration. Follow me on Twitter or Insta @JacySellers

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